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Discover most gifted items

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Dresses & Skirts

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Coats & Jackets

Gym Shoes

Shoes & Boots

Sandals Design
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Discover most gifted items

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Nose Trimmers

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Hair Streghteners

hot combe

Hot Combes

tresemme hair dryer

Hair Dryers

Hair clipper

Hair Styling Tools

Payment Plans Available

Pay 0% interest when you buy and pay later

Are you tired of breaking the bank to get the latest gadgets or technology? With Stronics Payment Plans, you can now spread the cost of your purchases over a period of time, making it more affordable and manageable for your wallet.


Shop the latest mobile phones that will help make you stay connected to your friends and family. We have stocked mobile phone which combine new innovation technology to provide you with the best features and technology. This ensures you are able to access internet quickly and also you are able to capture quality picture and video. Our selection includes some of the most popular smart phone such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo and Sony. You can also try other brands we have in our collection as long as the storage is enough for your needs and the most important is your requirement. For fashionable and those who are constantly out and about choose a smart phone which include fast processor. Don't mobile phone cases, chargers, and other accessories. Perhaps you need also headphones, check out our collection of the latest noise cancellation and waterproof earphones to match with your favourite phones. 

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